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Shanghai Jinjiang Capital Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotel (Group) Co., Ltd.) is mainly engaged in hotel-related, automobile operation and logistics-related and tourism agency-related business. The company operates through seven business units. The full-service hotel department owns, operates and manages the full-service hotel. Limited service hotel-the Management and Operation Department of Jinjiang Capital City is engaged in the limited service hotel business of Jinjiang Capital City. Limited service hotel-the management and operation department of Lufu Group operates the limited service hotel business of Lufu Group. The Food and Restaurant Department is engaged in the business of fast food restaurants or high-end restaurants. The Automobile Operation and Logistics Department is engaged in the business of operating vehicles and related services. The Tourism intermediary Department is engaged in the business of tourism agencies and related services. Other operating departments are engaged in inter-company financing services within the Group.
CEO: Qi Zhao
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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Futubull > Quotes > 02006 JINJIANGCAPITAL > Company Executives
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
赵奇Chairman of the nomination committee,Executive director,Chairman--2021/06/18Master58male2021/06/25
郭丽娟Executive director,Vice chairman,Member of the Remuneration Committee--2015/03/27Master58female2021/10/14
陈礼明Executive director,Vice chairman,Chairman of the strategy committee--2015/09/25Master60male2021/10/14
马名驹Member of the strategy committee,Executive director,CEO--2018/11/23Master60male2021/10/14
周维Executive director--2019/06/28Master40female2021/10/14
孙瑜Executive director--2019/06/28Master47male2021/10/14
季岗Independent non-executive director,Risk management committee member,Nominating committee member,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Member of the audit committee--2006/04/08Master64male2021/10/14
芮明杰Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director,Risk management committee member,Member of the strategy committee,Member of the audit committee120.00K2006/04/08Doctor67male2021/10/14
沈立强Chairman of the Risk Management Committee,Chairman of the audit committee,Remuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director120.00K2019/06/28Master64male2021/10/14
王国兴Director of supervision--2015/09/25Master58male2021/10/14
张珏Secretary of the board,Authorized representative,Joint company secretary--2017/07/28Bachelor38female2021/10/14
黄秀萍Authorized representative,Joint company secretary--2021/04/28----female2021/10/14
尹嫣红The person in charge of finance,CFO--2016/07/27Master53female2021/10/14
艾耕云Qualified accountant--2008/10/21Doctor50male2021/10/14
蔡建平Director of Human Resources Department,VP--2017/07/28Bachelor59male2021/10/14
孙青Employee supervisor--2021/05/12Bachelor53female2021/06/25
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