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The practical New method of Big V in Hong Kong Stock Market

Views 33k2023.08.09

How do you achieve a yield of 260% in 13 months?

I have been posting here for several months. Thank you for your continuous attention. In May, I was lucky enough to be found by the students in Futuo classroom and added some of my videos to the Niuniu classroom column. Recently they asked me to write another publication word. I sorted out my earnings, a description of the update of my position, and some new ideas, and made a video below. Let's use this as an introduction.

In the case of a single highest withdrawal of only 1%, achieve a yield of 2.6 times in 13 months, which is my achievement since I hit the new hard. Of course, the past data is not important, now the market, has dared not expect such a high yield. What matters is whether you can continue to make money now and in the future.

In order to verify my logic and grow up with all my friends, I will share my real-time new positions of each new stock in the future. Welcome to follow us. Also welcome everyone to communicate and make progress together, three people walk, there must be my teacher!

It must be stated that all sharing is personal analysis and operation and does not represent any investment advice. I'm not afraid of being hit in the face anyway. no one can be right all the time. You don't have to thank me when you make a profit, and don't scold me even if you lose money.

Disclaimer: The above content does not constitute any act of financial product marketing, investment offer, or financial advice. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products based on their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisors where necessary.