What is qualitative analysis?

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Key points

● qualitative analysis is a kind of analysis that relies on the subjective judgment of the analyst.

● qualitative analysis belongs to the field of social experience, and the analyst himself is the core of the analysis.

● qualitative analysis can help business managers or stock investors to make better decisions.

Concept understanding

Qualitative analysis, mainly through their own subjective intuition and empirical judgment, by virtue of the past and present continuation of the analysis object, as well as the latest information, a method to judge the nature, characteristics, development and change law of the analysis object.

Qualitative analysis belongs to the field of social experience, and human is the core of qualitative analysis methods.

The concrete method of qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis is mainly through reasoning and argumentation to show the phenomenon and essence of the research object. There are generally the following six specific methods.

1. Definition. By defining the key concepts, the logical relations such as attribute, connotation and denotation of the research object are defined.

two。 Analysis. Through the analysis of the logical relationship between the specific elements of the research object, sort out and analyze its logical relationship.

3. Analogy. Through the classification and comparison of the uncertain objects and the determined objects, the similarities and differences are found out, and the cognition of the nature of the analyzed objects is obtained.

4. Inductive and deductive method. The development law of the research object is summarized by using the two thinking methods of "from concrete to abstract" and "from abstract to concrete".

5. Literature method. The results of previous research and analysis are processed and summarized again to obtain the cognition of the object of analysis.

6. Comprehensive method. Take a variety of field interviews, group discussions, questionnaires, forum activities and other activities to make a comprehensive analysis of the collected data.


In the qualitative analysis of financial activities, analysts conduct induction and analysis from a variety of qualitative variables, such as employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, product market recognition, etc., so as to help enterprise managers or stock investors to make key decisions.


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