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HSBC is one of the world's largest banks and financial services institutions, striving to create long-term value for shareholders and seize business opportunities. HSBC Values: HSBC's values clearly define who we are as a company and play a key role in our long-term success. We value differences: broaden opinions, brainstorm ideas We Succeed Together: Working Across Borders, Walking Together We take responsibility: mutual accountability, long-term vision Our mission must be achieved: fast pace, dreams come true Group Strategy: HSBC's strategy revolves around four main areas to drive our ambition to become our clients' preferred international financial partner. Focus on the Group's strengths: In various global businesses, we continue to focus on the areas where the Group has the greatest strength and growth opportunities. Large-scale digitalization: The Group continues to invest in technology and operational capabilities to drive operational productivity and provide a better customer experience across all businesses and regions. Adding impetus to growth: The Group fosters a dynamic and inclusive culture to help colleagues develop future skills and enhance their strength. Transition to net zero carbon emissions: We drive the transition to a net zero carbon economy through group transformation while supporting our customers in their transition. Global network: HSBC serves approximately 39 million customers worldwide through a global business network spanning 62 countries and regions. Our clients include individual depositors and investors, as well as large global corporations, governments and international organizations. The Group aims to connect customers with business opportunities and help them achieve their ambitions. Global business: We serve our customers through three global businesses. In our various global businesses, we focus on areas with unique strengths and significant growth opportunities, and are mainly expanding these categories. Wealth Management and Personal Banking: We help millions of clients handle their day-to-day finances and manage, protect and grow their wealth. Commercial Banking: Our global network and expertise help local and international businesses around the world reach their potential. Global Banking and Capital Markets: We provide a full range of financial services and products for corporate, government and institutional clients.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:USD
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Industrial and commercial finance16.2B31.31%
Global Banking and Capital Markets15.27B29.51%
Enterprise center-1.93B-3.74%