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000411 Zhejiang Int'l Group

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About Zhejiang Int'l Group Company

The company is a listed company under the Zhejiang International Trade Group controlled by the Zhejiang Provincial State-owned Assets Administration Commission (stock code SZ.000411). The company, formerly known as Zhejiang People's Pharmaceutical Company, which was founded in 1950, achieved backdoor listing in 2001, China Sinochem Group joined Intel Group in 2008, returned to Zhejiang Province in 2017, and managed by Zhejiang International Trade Group. The company is one of the leading regional enterprises in the pharmaceutical distribution industry in Zhejiang Province. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail business of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, that is, it purchases products from upstream pharmaceutical manufacturers or suppliers, and then sells them to downstream medical institutions, pharmacies, dealers, etc., or directly to consumers through retail terminals. The company's main business is the wholesale and retail business of pharmaceutical-related products, covering various categories of products such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Among them, the wholesale business is the main sales business, and pharmaceuticals are the most important sales products. The major categories of pharmaceuticals include chemical drugs, biological products, proprietary Chinese medicines, Chinese medicine tablets, etc.; the major categories of medical devices include medical devices, diagnostic reagents, medical consumables, etc. Corporate honors: The company has always maintained steady management and standardized governance. It has won the top 30 internal control companies in Zhejiang for 3 consecutive years. In addition, it has also won many honorary titles such as “Pharmaceutical Industry Benchmarking Enterprise in the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China”, “Top 500 Chinese Service Enterprises”, and “Zhejiang's First Batch of Provincial Supply Chain Innovation and Application Enterprises”.