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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
000963 Huadong Medicine
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Total operating revenue
13.23% 10.11B 9.12% 37.71B 7.45% 27.86B 5.93% 18.2B
Operating revenue
13.23% 10.11B 9.12% 37.71B 7.45% 27.86B 5.93% 18.2B
Other operating revenue
-- -- 55.26% 226M -- -- 93.76% 91.06M
Total operating cost
13.49% 9.11B 8.96% 34.57B 7.17% 25.42B 5.61% 16.52B
Operating cost
14.81% 6.79B 7.20% 25.68B 6.66% 19.01B 5.64% 12.24B
Operating tax surcharges
6.58% 53.15M 17.53% 208.32M 10.37% 145.77M 8.46% 96.08M
Operating expense
14.59% 1.64B 16.79% 6.33B 8.12% 4.5B 1.82% 3.03B
Administration expense
9.08% 330.09M 7.01% 1.25B 11.50% 958.82M 6.99% 572.05M
Financial expense
261.66% 29.15M 254.50% 78.26M 21.84% 19.37M -44.35% 5.45M
-Interest expense (Financial expense)
64.47% 34.47M 44.10% 127.65M -7.05% 55.73M 6.16% 39.51M
-Interest Income (Financial expense)
48.30% -12.49M -28.54% -103.35M -16.85% -75.78M -29.93% -49.96M
Research and development
-16.83% 265.49M 3.71% 1.02B 8.32% 788.16M 29.49% 566.6M
Credit Impairment Loss
-- -- -64.76% -68.69M -88.08% -71.97M -88.08% -71.97M
Asset Impairment Loss
-- -- 77.40% -3.82M -- -- -- 0
Other net revenue
-195.02% -49.37M -528.20% -84.56M -179.02% -49.47M -173.70% -35.28M
Fair value change income
-- -- -- 28.47M -- -- -- --
Invest income
-120.85% -61.75M -46.98% -141.56M -65.28% -99.17M 1.80% -53.48M
-Including: Investment income associates
-154.37% -52.82M -116.38% -115.62M -326.81% -80.97M -88.80% -43.15M
Asset deal income
-494.37% -2.2M 26,209.73% 8.26M 3,819.50% 5.58M 4,566.05% 8.51M
Other revenue
36.68% 14.58M -46.89% 92.78M -26.51% 116.09M -40.56% 81.65M
Operating profit
7.46% 953.94M 7.20% 3.06B 5.18% 2.39B 3.63% 1.65B
Add:Non operating Income
67.05% 1.39M 183.66% 7.61M -71.13% 5.03M 420.03% 4.34M
Less:Non operating expense
12.94% 6.05M 22.93% 37.94M 36.11% 27.07M 41.37% 8.66M
Total profit
7.48% 949.28M 7.20% 3.03B 4.32% 2.36B 3.70% 1.64B
Less:Income tax cost
11.94% 189.35M 1.96% 498.5M 10.41% 358.22M 19.61% 287.94M
Net profit
6.43% 759.93M 8.30% 2.53B 3.30% 2.01B 0.85% 1.35B
Net profit from continuing operation
6.43% 759.93M 8.30% 2.53B 3.30% 2.01B 0.85% 1.35B
Less:Minority Profit
-52.00% 4.64M -9.69% 33.41M -46.88% 24.85M -68.37% 13.33M
Net profit of parent company owners
7.23% 755.28M 8.58% 2.5B 4.54% 1.98B 3.09% 1.34B
Earning per share
Basic earning per share
7.23% 0.4316 8.58% 1.4283 4.54% 1.1324 3.10% 0.7661
Diluted earning per share
7.20% 0.4315 8.58% 1.4283 4.54% 1.1324 3.10% 0.7661
Other composite income
-108.80% -31.35M -69.40% -40.78M -116.46% -19.03M -298.24% -98.25M
Other composite income of parent company owners
-108.80% -31.35M -69.40% -40.78M -116.46% -19.03M -298.24% -98.25M
Total composite income
4.23% 728.57M 7.66% 2.49B -3.43% 1.99B -9.80% 1.26B
Total composite income of parent company owners
5.02% 723.93M 7.94% 2.46B -2.41% 1.96B -7.97% 1.24B
Total composite income of minority owners
-52.00% 4.64M -9.69% 33.41M -46.88% 24.85M -68.37% 13.33M
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified opinion----
--Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)----

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Licensed projects: pharmaceutical production; pharmaceutical wholesale; pharmaceutical retail; traditional Chinese medicine tablet frying services; second-class value-added telecommunication services; pharmaceutical Internet information services; medical device Internet information services; road cargo transportation (excluding dangerous goods); road dangerous goods transportation; road cargo transportation (network freight); Class III medical device management; drug import and export; food Internet sales; hazardous chemicals management (for items subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments. Specific business projects are subject to approval by relevant departments). General projects: Health food (pre-packaged) sales; import and export of goods; food sales; sales of food formulations for special medical purposes; Internet sales of food products (sale of pre-packaged food only); domestic freight forwarding agents; internet sales (excluding the sale of goods requiring permission); disinfectant sales (excluding hazardous chemicals); sales of class II medical devices; sales of first-class medical devices; sales of glass fiber reinforced plastic products; sales of technical glass products; sales of technical glass products; sales of drug testing instruments; medical research and experimental development; instruments Instrument repair; specialty chemical product sales (excluding hazardous chemicals); cosmetics wholesale; cosmetics retail; chemical product sales (excluding licensed chemical products); eyewear sales (excluding contact lenses); general cargo storage services (excluding hazardous chemicals, etc.); health consulting services (excluding medical services); nursing institution services (excluding medical services); household chemical products sales; household appliances sales; agricultural and sideline products sales; daily necessities department store sales; arts and crafts retail (excluding ivory and arts and crafts); Wholesale of collectibles (except ivory and its products); sales of knitted textiles and raw materials; wholesale of edible agricultural products; retail of edible agricultural products; sales of food additives; sales of new automobiles; sales of communication equipment; retail of electronic components; wholesale of electronic components; acquisition of traditional Chinese herbal medicines (excluding Chinese medicine tablets); first class medical device leasing; class II medical device leasing; class III medical device leasing; class II medical device leasing; operation of class III non-pharmaceutical-type pharmaceutical-prone chemicals; operation of class III non-pharmaceutical-prone chemicals (except by law) In addition to projects subject to approval, operate independently on the basis of a business license in accordance with the law activity).
CEO: --
Market: --
Listing Date: 01/27/2000
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