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002621 Dalian My Gym Education Technology

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About Dalian My Gym Education Technology Company

With professional experience in the fields of early childhood quality education, kinesiology, sports, dance, and gymnastics, the company has developed a complete set of teaching equipment and curriculum system that matches the child's nature. Through systematic and structured courses, the company is committed to helping children aged 0-6 to strengthen their physique, cultivate good social skills, establish self-esteem and self-confidence, and help develop comprehensive qualities. The company's main business focuses on the two major fields of early childhood quality education and language training for young people to study abroad. It has built a scientific, systematic, and targeted curriculum and teaching system. It provides a full range of services such as high-quality courses, brand output, textbook research and development, operation management, teacher training, study abroad consultation, international exchange and cooperation, and works with thousands of Chinese families to nurture the future and grow together. The company's main business is early childhood quality education services and language training and services for young people studying abroad. Corporate honors: 2017 Chinese Brand Influential Children's Education Institution, 2017 Influential Children's Education Brand, 2017 National Top 500 Franchise, 2017 Top 200 Franchises, etc.