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002727 Yixintang Pharmaceutical

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About Yixintang Pharmaceutical Company

The company was founded on November 8, 2000. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, it has been deeply involved in Yunnan and spread throughout the country. As of March 31, 2023, Yixintang and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have a total of 9344 directly-managed chain stores, covering 10 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government, including Dian, Qian, Gui, Qiong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Jin, and Shanghai. It is a well-known and large-scale listed pharmaceutical retail chain enterprise in the country. At all times, Yixintang has upheld the service tenet of “serving the people with all our heart, serving the people wholeheartedly”, and insists on serving every consumer with “love, care, sincerity, care, and perseverance”. There are more than 30 million active members all over the world. The company's main business is the pharmaceutical retail chain and pharmaceutical distribution business. Among them, the pharmaceutical retail chain is the company's core business, mainly Chinese and Western proprietary medicines, followed by traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices, health products, and other personal care and beauty services. The company's honors include 2007 China's Top 100 Pharmaceutical Commercial Enterprises, 2014 China's Top 10 Pharmaceutical Chain Pharmacy Enterprises, 2018 China Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprise Innovation Champion, 2018 China Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprise Innovation Champion, 2018 National Top 100 Private Pharmaceutical Commercial Distribution Enterprise List, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Logistics Best Service Provider, and 2019 Top 20 Main Business Revenue.