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002911 Foran Energy Group

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About Foran Energy Group Company

The company is a joint stock company established by the State-owned Assets Supervisory Administration Commission of the Foshan Municipal People's Government's State-owned Assets Supervisory and Administration Committee (Foshan Gas Group Co., Ltd. [2007] No. 288), the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China's “Approval of the Ministry of Commerce on Approving the Transformation of Foshan Gas Group Co., Ltd.” (Commercial Approval [2008] No. 589), and was established for the first time on the basis of Foshan Gas Group Co., Ltd. on the basis of Foshan Gas Group Co., Ltd. in October 2017, through the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission [2017] No. 1921 It publicly issued 56 million shares and was listed on the Small and Medium Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2017. The company's main business: energy sector, technology sector, other businesses. Main products: petrochemical products such as natural gas, refined oil, fuel oil, biodiesel, methanol and other chemicals, hydrogen energy, thermal energy, photovoltaics and energy storage, kiln thermal equipment manufacturing and energy saving and emission reduction, pipeline inspection, hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing research and development, gas service business, gas storage peak control business, extension business, etc. Corporate honors: 2018, Guangdong Province's Advanced Enterprise Culture Construction Unit, 2014-2018, won the “Best Reputation Unit in the Foshan Shankou Monument List, 2018 Guangdong Corporate Culture Business Card, 2014-2018, selected as the Top 100 Service Industry in Guangdong for 5 consecutive years, and also won the Top 500 Service Enterprises in China in 2016.