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Liaoning Port Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Dalian Port Co., Ltd.) is mainly engaged in wharf and related business. The company operates through eight business units. The oil and liquid chemical terminal department is engaged in the loading, unloading, storage and transit of oil and liquid chemical products, as well as port management. Container terminal department is engaged in container loading and unloading, storage and transit business. General cargo terminal department loading and unloading groceries, as well as engaged in steel trading business. Ore terminal department loads and unloads ore. Bulk grain terminal department loading and unloading grain, as well as engaged in raw grain trade business. The passenger ro / ro terminal department is engaged in passenger transport and bulk ro / ro business. Port value-added and port support departments provide tally, towing and transportation services. Car terminal department loading and unloading cars, as well as engaged in trading business.
CEO: Zhixian Wang
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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Futubull > Quotes > 02880 LIAONING PORT > Company Executives
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
王志贤Nominating committee member,Executive director,Chairman,Chairman of the strategy committee,Remuneration committee member--03/18/2022Master57male05/06/2022
周擎红Member of the Committee on Strategic Development,Member of the audit committee,Non-Executive Director--11/11/2021Master59male05/06/2022
司政Non-Executive Director,Member of the Committee on Strategic Development--11/11/2021Bachelor58male05/06/2022
徐颂Member of the Committee on Strategic Development,Non-Executive Director--11/11/2021Doctor50male05/06/2022
魏明晖GM,Member of the Committee on Strategic Development,Executive director1.37M02/24/2016Master53male05/06/2022
李志伟Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the audit committee,Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director200.00K06/29/2020Bachelor64male05/06/2022
刘春彦Chairman of the remuneration committee,Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the nomination committee200.00K06/29/2020Doctor55male05/06/2022
杨兵Non-Executive Director--11/11/2021Bachelor52male05/06/2022
罗文达Member of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director250.00K06/29/2020Master55male05/06/2022
李世臣Chairman of the Supervisory Board--11/11/2021Master57male05/06/2022
王志峰Independent supervisor100.00K06/29/2020Master67male05/06/2022
张弘Staff representatives and supervisors586.45K03/06/2020Master41female05/06/2022
马英姿Staff representatives and supervisors--11/11/2021Bachelor54female05/06/2022
台金刚Deputy GM--12/31/2019Master46male05/06/2022
尹凯阳Deputy GM--12/31/2019Bachelor55male05/06/2022
罗东曦Deputy GM--12/31/2019Bachelor57male05/06/2022
王萍Financial director--04/25/2019Bachelor53female05/06/2022
张铁Director of Safety--12/31/2019Master54male05/06/2022
王慧颖Joint company secretary,Secretary of the board--04/25/2019Bachelor44female05/06/2022
李健儒Qualified accountant,Joint company secretary,Authorized representative--04/28/2006Master63male05/06/2022
苗丞Securities Affairs Representative--04/25/2019Bachelor35male03/02/2022
姜鲁宁Authorized representative--04/28/2006Master59male03/01/2022
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