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Guangzheng Education International Holdings Co., Ltd. is an education company in South China, which is mainly engaged in primary and secondary school operations. In response to the education program of the people's Republic of China, the company provides international courses for senior high school students. The company offers a range of school-based elective courses, including sports, art, music and Chinese culture. The company operates five private schools in four campuses, including four in Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, and one in Liaoning Province, the economic zone of the three northeastern provinces. The total enrollment of the schools operated by the company is 27640. The company's schools include Dongguan Guangming Middle School, Dongguan Guangming Primary School, Dongguan Guangzheng Experimental School, Huizhou Guangzheng Experimental School and Panjin Guangzheng Experimental School.
CEO: Suwen Li
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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06068 Wisdom Education International Holdings
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