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09866 NIO-SW

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About NIO-SW Company

NIO is a pioneer and leader in the high-end smart electric vehicle market. Established in November 2014, NIO's mission is to create a pleasant lifestyle for users. NIO aims to establish a community starting with smart electric vehicles to share joy and grow together with users. NIO designs, develops, cooperates in the manufacture and sale of high-end smart electric vehicles to promote next-generation technological innovation in autonomous driving, digital technology, electric powertrains and batteries. NIO stands out through continuous technological breakthroughs and innovations, such as its industry-leading power exchange technology, battery leasing services (BaaS), and unique autonomous driving technology and autonomous driving subscription services (AdaaS). NIO launched the seven-seater high-end smart electric flagship SUVES8 in December 2017, and delivery began in June 2018, followed by delivery of the six-seater ES8 in March 2019. NIO launched the high-performance high-end smart electric all-rounder SUVES6 in December 2018, and delivery began in June 2019. NIO launched the high-end smart electric coupe, the SUVEC6, in December 2019, and delivery began in September 2020. NIO launched the high-end smart electric flagship sedan ET7 in January 2021. NIO then launched the high-end mid-size smart electric coupe ET5 in December 2021.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Automobile sales45.51B92.36%
Other sales3.76B7.64%