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Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
300399 Jiangxi Tianli Technology, INC.
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
高磊Chairman,Director,Member of the Strategy Committee--04/13/2020Bachelor48male04/11/2023
周洪璀Vice Chairman,Director,Member of the Strategy Committee,Remuneration and Nomination Committee Members584.10K04/13/2020Master32male04/11/2023
叶鹏飞Director,Member of the Strategy Committee--04/07/2023Bachelor35male04/11/2023
赵丹Director,Deputy GM,Member of the Strategy Committee--04/07/2023Master39male04/11/2023
顾兰芳Director,Company Secretary,Finance Director442.40K08/27/2020Bachelor46female04/10/2023
钟继伟Director,Audit Committee Member--04/07/2023Master37male04/11/2023
张骏Independent Director,Member of the Strategy Committee,Remuneration and Nomination Committee Members--04/07/2023Master63male04/11/2023
柳习科Independent Director,Remuneration and Nomination Committee Members,Audit Committee Member--04/07/2023Bachelor49male04/11/2023
赵贺春Independent Director,Audit Committee Member90.00K04/13/2020Doctor61male04/11/2023
杨毓哲Securities Affairs Representative--05/16/2023Bachelor30male05/17/2023
江蔚文Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Shareholder Representative Supervisor--04/13/2020Bachelor54male04/10/2023
吴建军Shareholder Representative Supervisor--04/13/2020Bachelor36male04/10/2023
齐亚魁Deputy GM726.00K04/23/2018College49male04/10/2023
车五林Head of Audit Department--04/27/2021Master34male04/10/2023
高岗Employee Representative Supervisor224.10K04/13/2020Bachelor43male04/10/2023
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Licensing items: Internet information services, type II value-added telecommunication services, first-class value-added telecommunication services, the Company and all members of the board of directors guarantee that the information disclosed is true, accurate and complete, and that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions. Telecommunication business (projects subject to approval by law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments. Specific business projects are subject to the approval documents or licenses of the relevant departments) General projects: information consulting services (excluding licensing information consulting services), information technology consulting services, supply chain management services, machinery and equipment leasing, technology import and export, goods import and export, domestic trade agency, technical services, technology development, technical consulting, technical exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion, computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment retail, computer and office equipment maintenance (except for projects subject to approval according to law, etc.) (Independent business activities are carried out in accordance with the law on the basis of a business license).
CEO: --
Market: --
Listing Date: 10/09/2014
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