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600702 Shede Spirits

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About Shede Spirits Company

As one of the “Six Golden Flowers” of Sichuan Liquor, Shede Liquor is the third winner of the National Quality Award and the third listed company in the liquor industry. It owns two liquor brands, “Tuopai” and “Shede”. “Shede” interprets Chinese wisdom with the world in mind. The company's main business is the design, production and sale of liquor products. The company's main products include high-end products such as Taste Shede, Wisdom Shede, Crystal Shede, Collection Shede, and Collection Tuopai; mid-range products Tuopai Qu Liquor, Tuopai Special Song, Tuopai Premium, Tuopai Premium, and Intoxication; Tuopai Premium T68, Tuopai Liuliang, etc.; and ultra-high-end products, Tianzihu, Shake, Swallow, etc. After years of accumulation, the company has built a brand matrix with “Shede” and “Tuopai” as the two core brands, and “Tianzihu,” “Enchanted,” and “Enchanted” as nurturing brands. Corporate honors include the “National Quality Award”, a national civilized unit, a well-known Chinese trademark, and intangible cultural heritage.