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603477 Leshan Giantstar Farming&Husbandry Corporation

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About Leshan Giantstar Farming&Husbandry Corporation Company

The company was incorporated on December 24, 2013, with a registered capital of RMB 1400.00 million at the time of establishment. It was founded by Sichuan Leshan Zhenjing Leather Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhenjing Leather”), natural person He Zhenggang, and Sichuan Hebang Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hebang Group”). Among them, Zhenjing Leather subscribed to 886.66 million shares with physical assets for 63.33%, natural person He Zhenggang subscribed to 347.1 million shares in cash, accounting for 24.79%, and Hebang Group subscribed to 16.636 million shares in cash 11.88% The company's main business is mainly divided into: 1. Livestock and poultry farming and feed production and sales; 2. R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-end natural leather. Main products: Pigs and chicken with yellow feathers. Pigs include commercial pigs, piglets and breeding pigs, pig feed, poultry feed and aquaculture feed, automobile leather, shoe leather, and furniture leather. The company has successively won titles such as “Top 100 Outstanding Enterprises in China's Animal Husbandry Industry”, “Outstanding Enterprise for Poverty Alleviation in Animal Husbandry Industry”, “Pioneer Enterprise for Industrial Poverty Alleviation”, “National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization”, and “Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award”. It also has the “National Pig Core Breeding Farm”. It is also the vice president unit of the China Animal Husbandry Association and the vice president unit of the Sichuan Animal Husbandry Association.