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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
MSFT Microsoft
Pre Mkt Price
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Total revenue
1.97% 52.75B 10.60% 50.12B 17.96% 198.27B 12.38% 51.87B
Operating revenue
1.97% 52.75B 10.60% 50.12B 17.96% 198.27B 12.38% 51.87B
Cost of revenue
3.11% 17.49B 13.23% 15.45B 19.95% 62.65B 17.43% 16.43B
Gross profit
1.41% 35.26B 9.47% 34.67B 17.06% 135.62B 10.18% 35.44B
Operating expense
18.68% 14.86B 15.04% 13.15B 13.71% 52.24B 14.05% 14.9B
Selling and administrative expenses
18.53% 8.02B 11.83% 6.52B 9.92% 27.73B 9.13% 8.05B
-Selling and marketing expense
5.58% 5.68B 12.73% 5.13B 8.49% 21.83B 7.63% 6.3B
-General and administrative expense
68.86% 2.34B 8.62% 1.4B 15.53% 5.9B 14.91% 1.75B
Research and development costs
18.86% 6.84B 18.38% 6.63B 18.32% 24.51B 20.43% 6.85B
Operating profit
-8.31% 20.4B 6.32% 21.52B 19.26% 83.38B 7.54% 20.53B
Net non-operating interest income expense
1,054.55% 210M 842.11% 141M 114.42% 31M
Non-operating interest income
39.17% 700M 23.27% 641M -1.74% 2.09B -- --
Non-operating interest expense
-6.67% 490M -7.24% 500M -12.06% 2.06B -- --
Other net income (expense)
-193.10% -270M -128.52% -87M -78.44% 302M -115.16% -47M
Gain on sale of security
-178.91% -232M -118.73% -56M -66.62% 435M -- --
Special income (charges)
-- -- -- -- -- -101M -- --
-Write off
-- -- -- -- -- 101M -- --
Other non- operating income (expenses)
-850.00% -38M -616.67% -31M -132.65% -32M -115.16% -47M
Income before tax
-9.66% 20.34B 5.11% 21.57B 17.74% 83.72B 5.58% 20.49B
Income tax
4.37% 3.91B 21,036.84% 4.02B 11.67% 10.98B 27.15% 3.75B
Net income
-12.47% 16.43B -14.38% 17.56B 18.72% 72.74B 1.71% 16.74B
Net income continuous Operations
-12.47% 16.43B -14.38% 17.56B 18.72% 72.74B 1.71% 16.74B
Minority interest income
Net income attributable to the parent company
-12.47% 16.43B -14.38% 17.56B 18.72% 72.74B 1.71% 16.74B
Preferred stock dividends
Other preferred stock dividends
Net income attributable to common stockholders
-12.47% 16.43B -14.38% 17.56B 18.72% 72.74B 1.71% 16.74B
Basic earnings per share
-12.00% 2.2 -13.92% 2.35 19.46% 9.7 2.28% 2.24
Diluted earnings per share
-11.29% 2.2 -13.28% 2.35 19.88% 9.65 2.76% 2.23
Dividend per share
9.68% 0.68 10.71% 0.62 10.50% 2.42 10.71% 0.62
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
----Unqualified Opinion--

FY: Financial Year Annual Report, which is equivalent to the 10-K file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC.

Q: Quarterly report, which is equivalent to the 10-Q file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC, where Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 are single quarterly reports with a span of 3 months; Q6 and Q9 are cumulative quarterly reports, and Q6 is 6 months , Q9 is 9 months.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Microsoft Corp. engages in the development and support of software, services, devices, and solutions. It operates through the following business segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing. The Productivity and Business Processes segment consists of Office Commercial (Office 365 subscriptions, the Office 365 portion of Microsoft 365 Commercial subscriptions, and Office licensed on-premises), Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Security and Compliance, and Skype for Business, Office Consumer, including Microsoft 365 Consumer subscriptions, Office licensed on-premises, and other Office services, LinkedIn, including Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Premium Subscriptions, Sales Solutions, and Learning Solutions, Dynamics business solutions, including Dynamics 365, comprising a set of intelligent, cloud-based applications across ERP, CRM, Customer Insights, Power Apps, and Power Automate, and on-premises ERP and CRM applications. The Intelligent Cloud segment consists of Server products and cloud services, including Azure and other cloud services, SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, System Center, and related Client Access Licenses (CALs), and Nuance and GitHub, Enterprise Services, including Enterprise Support Services, Microsoft Consulting Services, and Nuance professional services. The More Personal Computing segment consists of Windows, including Windows OEM licensing and other non-volume licensing of the Windows operating system, Windows Commercial, comprising volume licensing of the Windows operating system, Windows cloud services, and other Windows commercial offerings, patent licensing, and Windows Internet of Things, Devices, including Surface and PC accessories, Gaming, including Xbox hardware and Xbox content and services, comprising digital transactions, Xbox Game Pass and other subscriptions, video games, third-party video game royalties, cloud services, and advertising, Search and news advertising. The company was founded by Paul Gardner Allen and William Henry Gates, III in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, WA.
CEO: Mr. Satya Nadella
Market: NASDAQ
Listing Date: 03/13/1986
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