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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
MVIS Microvision
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Total revenue
-26.93% 350K -19.09% 2.5M 41.01% 557K 12.36% 718K
Operating revenue
-26.93% 350K -19.09% 2.5M 41.01% 557K 12.36% 718K
Cost of revenue
180% 4K -99.86% 2K 48K -10K
Gross profit
-28.51% 346K 47.64% 2.5M 28.86% 509K 13.93% 728K
Operating expense
100.78% 13.47M 194.26% 46.37M 231.65% 13.13M 212.32% 10.8M
Selling and administrative expenses
161.55% 5.88M 276.14% 22.26M 381.39% 6.65M 237.1% 5.01M
Research and development costs
70.17% 7.59M 145.03% 24.11M 151.44% 6.48M 193.66% 5.79M
Operating profit
-110.83% -13.12M -211.9% -43.87M -254.12% -12.62M -257.31% -10.07M
Net non-operating interest income expense
Other net income (expense)
-633.33% -44K 55.22% 669K 33.33% -4K 8687.5% 687K
Special income (charges)
-- -- 53.78% 692K -- 0 -- 692K
-Less:Other special charges
-- -- -- -692K -- -- -- -692K
-Gain on sale of property,plant,equipment
-- -- -- 0 -- 0 -- 0
Other non- operating income (expenses)
-633.33% -44K -21.05% -23K 33.33% -4K 37.5% -5K
Income before tax
-111.33% -13.17M -216.85% -43.2M -253.64% -12.63M -231.99% -9.38M
Income tax
Net income
-111.33% -13.17M -216.85% -43.2M -253.64% -12.63M -231.99% -9.38M
Net income continuous Operations
-111.33% -13.17M -216.85% -43.2M -253.64% -12.63M -231.99% -9.38M
Minority interest income
Net income attributable to the parent company
-111.33% -13.17M -216.85% -43.2M -253.64% -12.63M -231.99% -9.38M
Preferred stock dividends
Other preferred stock dividends
Net income attributable to common stockholders
-111.33% -13.17M -216.85% -43.2M -253.64% -12.63M -231.99% -9.38M
Basic earnings per share
-100% -0.08 -170% -0.27 -300% -0.08 -200% -0.06
Diluted earnings per share
-100% -0.08 -170% -0.27 -300% -0.08 -200% -0.06
Dividend per share
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion----

FY: Financial Year Annual Report, which is equivalent to the 10-K file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC.

Q: Quarterly report, which is equivalent to the 10-Q file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC, where Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 are single quarterly reports with a span of 3 months; Q6 and Q9 are cumulative quarterly reports, and Q6 is 6 months , Q9 is 9 months.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
MicroVision, Inc. develops lidar sensors used in automotive safety and autonomous driving applications. Its laser beam scanning technology is based on micro-electrical mechanical systems, laser diodes, opto-mechanics, electronics, algorithms, and software. The company also develops micro-display concepts and designs for head-mounted augmented reality (AR) headsets, as well as 1440i MEMS module that can support AR headsets; Interactive Display modules used in smart speakers and other devices; and Consumer Lidar used in smart home systems. In addition, it provides PicoP, a scanning technology that creates full color, high-contrast, and uniform image over the entire field-of-view from a small and thin module. Further, the company develops 1st generation long range lidar. The company sells its products primarily to original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers. MicroVision, Inc. was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.
CEO: Sharma, Sumit
Market: NASDAQ
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