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000807 Yunnan Aluminium

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About Yunnan Aluminium Company

The company, formerly known as Yunnan Aluminum Factory, was founded in 1970 and joined China Aluminum Group in 2019. It is the only “national environmentally friendly enterprise” in the national non-ferrous industry and industrial enterprises in western China. It is a national green factory, and has been ranked as a national civilized unit for the 6th time. At present, the company has built a green industrial chain integrating “bauxite - alumina - carbon products - aluminum smelting - aluminum processing”, forming a production capacity of 2.64 million tons of bauxite, 1.4 million tons of alumina, 3.05 million tons of green aluminum, 1.75 million tons of aluminum alloy and aluminum processing products, and 820,000 tons of carbon products. The company's main business is bauxite mining, alumina, green aluminum, aluminum processing, and carbon production and sales for aluminum. The main products include alumina, anode carbon for aluminum, graphitized cathodes, aluminum ingots for remelting, high-precision aluminum, round aluminum rods, aluminum alloys, aluminum welding materials, etc. Corporate honors: It has been on the “Fortune” list of China's top 500 enterprises for many years, a national environmentally friendly enterprise, a national “green factory”, and a “national civilized unit” for six consecutive years.