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002026 Shandong Weida Machinery

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About Shandong Weida Machinery Company

The company was approved by Lu Zheng Shares (1998) No. 25 of the Shandong Provincial People's Government on May 28, 1998, and was jointly initiated by Wendeng Weida Machinery Co., Ltd. (name changed to Shandong Weida Group Co., Ltd. in 2009), Wendeng Kunyu Technology Development Co., Ltd., Wendeng Yushan Welfare Plastic Factory, Wendeng Yushan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Shandong Weida Machine Tool Group Corporation Employee Shareholding Association. The company was registered and established with the Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce on July 8, 1998, with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. The company is an invisible champion in the global power tool accessories industry, the first batch of individual champion demonstration enterprises in the manufacturing industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, an intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project enterprise, a leader in the domestic NEV charging and switching industry, and a leading provider of intelligent equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing full-process solutions and intelligent control solutions in China. The company is committed to power tools, household appliances, automobiles, electronics, fine chemicals, food and beverage, high-end equipment, military industry and other industries, and to the world's top 500 customers such as Stanley Patek, Bosch, TTI, Makita, etc., of various specifications and models of power tool accessories products such as drill chucks, power tool switches, lithium battery packs, powder metallurgy parts, precision castings, and saw blades; providing one-stop service for power exchange stations from R&D to manufacturing; developing battery packs and management control systems for electric bicycles and other tools in the new energy industry; providing domestic and foreign manufacturers Move Products and services such as automation, logistics automation, warehousing automation, intelligent equipment solutions, and high-end CNC machine tools. The company has successively won honors such as “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”, “Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”, “Shandong Province's Centennial Brand Cultivation Enterprise”, “Shandong Manufacturing High-end Brand Cultivating Enterprise”, “Shandong Quality Benchmarking Enterprise”, and “Shandong Houdao Lu Brand Enterprise”.

Company Profile

Short Name-A山东威达
Listing Date07/27/2004
Issue Price8.68
Shares Offered30.00M share
Listed ExchangeSZ Stock Exchange
Legal RepresentativeMingyan Yang
General ManagerYoucai Liu
SecretaryHongjiang Zhang
Accounting FirmXinyong Zhonghe Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.
Securities RepresentativeLingyun Cong
Legal CounselBeijing Saide Tianqin Law Firm
Office AddressNo. 2, Zhonghan Road, Lushan Town, Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Weihai, Shandong
Zip Code264414
Registered AddressNo. 2, Zhonghan Road, Lushan Town, Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Weihai, Shandong
Business License370000018012299
BusinessR&D, design, production and sales of drill chucks and accessories, powder metallurgy products, precision casting products, machine tools and accessories, power tools and accessories, saw blades, bandsaw blades, electronic switches, automation equipment, environmental protection equipment and instruments, automobile steering screws, nuts, and assemblies; metal casting, forging; sales of household appliances, hardware, electrical equipment, mechanical and electronic equipment; environmental monitoring, technical inspection, professional design services; import and export business within the scope of qualification certificates; housing leasing. (For projects requiring approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by the relevant departments)

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Mingyan Yang
  • Chairman,Director,Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members,Strategy Committee Member
  • 886.50K
  • Guijun Yang
  • Vice Chairman,Director,Audit Committee Members
  • 535.50K
  • Guimo Yang
  • Director,Strategy Committee Member
  • --
  • Tiesong Li
  • Director,Deputy GM
  • 433.50K
  • Yong Liang
  • Director,Deputy GM
  • 2.14M
  • Youcai Liu
  • Director,GM,Nomination Committee Member
  • 816.00K
  • Yong Wan
  • Independent Director,Nomination Committee Member,Audit Committee Members,Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members,Strategy Committee Member
  • 70.00K
  • Bin Huang
  • Independent Director,Audit Committee Members
  • 70.00K
  • Lantian Zhang
  • Independent Director,Nomination Committee Member,Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members
  • 70.00K
  • Hongjiang Zhang
  • Company Secretary
  • 310.30K
  • Lingyun Cong
  • Securities Affairs Representative
  • --
  • Yanling Lin
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor
  • --
  • Kangjin Sun
  • Shareholder Representative Supervisor
  • 87.70K
  • Zhanyou Song
  • Deputy GM
  • 591.60K
  • Mingming Zhang
  • Head of finance
  • 169.40K
  • Fang Zhang
  • Head of Audit Department
  • --
  • Ningbo Wei
  • Employee Representative Supervisor
  • 180.00K