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002448 ZYNP Corporation

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About ZYNP Corporation Company

The company, formerly known as Henan Zhongyuan Internal Combustion Engine Parts General Factory, was approved in 1990 by the Yu Enterprise Reform Office [1990] No. 6 of the Office of the Leading Group for Deepening Enterprise Reform in Henan Province [1990], registered for industrial and commercial purposes in 1990, and implemented a joint-stock system of operation. Unified Social Credit Code: 91410800719183135K Company registered address: No. 69, Huaihe Avenue, Industrial Cluster District, Mengzhou City, Henan Province. The main business is the core key components of internal combustion engines such as cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings, and axle pads, and provides a complete set of green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving cylinder liners and friction parts for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding industry, and military industries around the world. The company's main products: cylinder liner business, piston ring business, electrically controlled actuators and others. Corporate honors: The company has successively won honorary titles such as National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise and National Enterprise Intellectual Property Pilot Unit, and has passed the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Code” GB/T29490-2013 system certification.