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About Hunan Xiang Jia husbandry Company

The company was founded in 1991 and is a green circular food cluster enterprise integrating livestock, poultry, and citrus farming, processing and sales. It has nearly 20 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, more than 7,000 employees, more than 50 self-supporting bases, and more than 10,000 joint planters and farmers. The company's main business is poultry breeding, poultry breeding and sales, poultry slaughter, processing and sales, feed and biological fertilizer production and sales. The company's main products are a series of high-quality poultry products from China, including live chicken, live duck, and chilled chicken and duck meat products. The company's main poultry products include yellow feather broilers and meat ducks. Among them, the main varieties of yellow feather broilers are hemp chicken, blue-legged chicken, bamboo chicken, black turkey, Tosanhuang, Shimen turkey, etc., while meat ducks are mainly broiler ducks and cherry valley meat ducks. Company honors: Over the years, Xiangjia Animal Husbandry has adhered to the corporate mission of “making urban and rural areas more environmentally friendly and life better”. Currently, the annual breeding scale of high-quality chicken is 50 million chickens, and the annual processing capacity of Xiangjia organic fertilizer is 150,000 tons. The company has opened “Xiangjia Fresh Poultry Counters” in more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign supermarkets in more than 100 cities in 20 provinces and cities across the country, and its products are very popular with consumers. Among them, “Xiangjia Fresh Chicken” was rated as the top ten meat brands most trusted by consumers in China, “Shimen Turkey” was on the 2016 China Regional Brand Livestock and Aquatic Products Value List, with a brand value of 4.594 billion yuan, and was rated as the “Gold Award” at the 2017 China International Agricultural Products Fair. In 2022, Xiangjia Co., Ltd. ranked 79th in the Sanxiang Top 100 Private Enterprises List.

Company Profile

Short Name-A湘佳股份
Company NameHunan Xiangjia Animal Husbandry Company Limited
Listing Date04/24/2020
Issue Price29.63
Shares Offered25.63M share
Listed ExchangeSZ Stock Exchange
Legal RepresentativeZiwen Yu
General ManagerZiwen Yu
SecretaryYechun He
Accounting FirmTianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)
Securities RepresentativeCaihong Yi
Office AddressNo. 9, Jiashan Road, Tiangongshan Neighborhood Committee, Shimen County Economic Development Zone, Hunan
Zip Code415300
Registered AddressNo. 9, Jiashan Road, Tiangoushan Neighborhood Committee, Shimen County Economic Development Zone, Changde City, Hunan Province
Business License430726000005512
BusinessLicensed projects: livestock and poultry production; livestock breeding; poultry farming; poultry raising; live poultry sales; poultry slaughter; pig slaughter; livestock slaughter; feed production; food production; food sales; food internet sales; veterinary drug management; crop seed management; food additive production; forest seed production; fertilizer production; road cargo transportation (excluding dangerous goods); inspection and testing services. (For projects subject to approval by law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments. Specific business projects are subject to the relevant departments' approval documents or licenses) General projects: agricultural and sideline products sales; livestock sales; production, sales, processing, transportation, storage of agricultural products and other related services; Internet sales (except for the sale of goods requiring permission); animal husbandry and fishery feed sales; fresh meat wholesale; fresh fruit retail; fresh egg retail; fresh egg retail; fishery products retail; technical services, technical consulting, technical advice, technical consulting, technical consulting Technical exchange, technology Transfer and technology promotion; sales of specialized agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, auxiliary and fishery machinery; bio-organic fertilizer research and development; compound microbial fertilizer research and development; fertilizer sales; edible agricultural products wholesale; edible agricultural products retail; domestic freight forwarding; general cargo storage services (excluding hazardous chemicals, etc.); spice crop cultivation; food additive sales; vegetable cultivation; low-temperature storage (excluding hazardous chemicals, etc.); handling; cargo import/export; technology import/export. (With the exception of projects subject to approval by law, independent business activities are carried out on the basis of a business license in accordance with the law)

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Ziwen Yu
  • Chairman,Director,GM, CEO
  • 481.30K
  • Weimin Xing
  • Vice Chairman,Director
  • 408.30K
  • Yechun He
  • Director,Company Secretary,Deputy GM, VP
  • 237.20K
  • Zhigang Wu
  • Director,Deputy GM, VP
  • 287.70K
  • Shanchu Tang
  • Director,Finance Director, Chief Accountant, CFO
  • --
  • Jing Jiang
  • Director,Head of the Internal Audit Department
  • 171.50K
  • Hua Yi
  • Independent Director
  • 50.00K
  • Haijun Xiao
  • Independent Director
  • 50.00K
  • Yan Liu
  • Independent Director
  • 50.00K
  • Caihong Yi
  • Securities Affairs Representative
  • --
  • Yuansheng Sun
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor
  • 69.10K
  • Shiyi Li
  • Supervisor
  • 3.00K
  • Wenju Yang
  • Deputy GM, VP
  • 232.20K
  • Haiou Tan
  • Deputy GM, VP
  • 363.30K
  • Kecheng Zhao
  • VP
  • 334.60K
  • Pijun Qi
  • Employee Representative Supervisor
  • 109.60K