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About AIR CHINA Company

Air China Co., Ltd. is referred to as Air China for short, the English name is Air China Limited, Air China for short. It is the only airline in China that flies with a national flag. “If you see a phoenix, it's also a human bird.” “If you see it, the world will be at peace.” Air China's corporate logo consists of an artistic phoenix and “Air China” written by Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of China's reform and opening up, and “AIRCHINA” in English. The phoenix is the bird of the Xiang Rui in ancient legends of the Chinese nation, and is the king of birds. Phoenix “from the land of oriental gentlemen, soars all over the world”, captured Yingzui Hua and aspired to be lofty. The core meaning of the Phoenix spirit promoted by Air China is “conveying good fortune, leading the crowd, and surpassing oneself.” Air China has a deep history. As a practitioner, promoter and leader in the development of China's civil aviation industry, adhering to the spirit of the Phoenix, Air China is committed to building a perfect flight, conveying peace and good fortune, leading the development of the industry, creating a national business card, innovating and forging ahead, and pursuing a brilliant career. Air China was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited (stock code 00753) and the London Stock Exchange (trading code AIRC) on December 15, 2004; it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 601111) on August 18, 2006. Air China is headquartered in Beijing and has branches in Southwest China, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hubei, Xinjiang, Guangdong, Guizhou, Tibet and Wenzhou. By the end of the reporting period, Air China's main holding subsidiaries were Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. (including Kunming Airlines Co., Ltd.), Macau Airlines Co., Ltd., Beijing Airlines Co., Ltd., Dalian Airlines Co., Ltd., Air China Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd., Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., Air China Import & Export Co., Ltd., Chengdu Fukai Aircraft Engineering Service Co., Ltd., and China International Airlines Shantou Industrial Development Company; joint ventures mainly included Beijing Ji'an Aviation Asset Management Co., Ltd., Sichuan Air Engine Maintenance Co., Ltd.; in addition, Air China participated in the shares Cathay Pacific Airways Co., Ltd., Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd., Tibet Airlines Co., Ltd. and others are also the largest shareholders of Shandong Airlines Group Co., Ltd. With the vision of “the world's leading airline”, Air China adheres to the mission of “safety first, four-hearted service, steady development, achievement of employees, and fulfillment of responsibility”, and promotes the values of “humanism, responsibility, enterprising, fun to fly”, and its brand is positioned as “professional trust, international quality, Chinese style”. Air China has the longest-running frequent flyer program in China, “Air China Zhiyin”, which uniformly incorporates the “Phoenix Zhiyin” brand by integrating multi-brand frequent flyer members of holding and participating companies.