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About CCB Company

China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. is a leading large commercial bank in China, headquartered in Beijing. Its predecessor, China Construction Bank, was founded in October 1954. The Bank was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2005 (stock code 939) and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2007 (stock code 601939). The Bank's market capitalization at the end of 2022 was approximately US$158.541 billion, ranking fourth among listed banks in the world. The Group ranked second among global banks in terms of tier-1 capital. The company provides customers with comprehensive financial services such as corporate finance business, personal finance business, and capital asset management business. It has 14,356 branches, 352,588 employees, and serves 739 million individual customers and 9.35 million corporate customers. It has subsidiaries in various industries such as funds, leasing, trusts, insurance, futures, pensions, and investment banks, and the subsidiary has 24,094 employees. Overseas institutions cover 31 countries and regions, and have nearly 200 overseas institutions at all levels. The Group adheres to the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, serves to construct a new development pattern, promotes high-quality development, consciously implements the political and popular nature of financial work, focuses on the “three major tasks”, continuously enhances the “three capabilities”, continues to deepen new financial actions, further promotes the “three strategies” of housing leasing, inclusive finance, and financial technology, and is deeply involved in smart government, rural revitalization, green development, old-age health, consumer finance, consumer finance, big wealth management, technology finance, county business development, etc., to achieve the interests of customers, shareholders, employees, etc. Maximizing the value of the body , striving to write a new chapter in modernized Chinese finance.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Personal financial business202.64B52.20%
Corporate financial business158.46B40.82%
Other business8.39B2.16%