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About BILIBILI-W Company

Bilibili is an iconic brand and leading video community for the younger generation in China. Our website was founded in June 2009 and officially named “Bilibili” in January 2010. We provide a full range of video content to meet the diverse interests and preferences of users, and build our community around culturally driven users, high-quality content, talented content creators, and the strong emotional ties between them. Our mission is to enrich the daily lives of young people in China. Our brand proposition is “the videos you are interested in are all on Station B”. In our community, users and content creators can discover and interact with diverse content based on diverse interests, covering many other fields such as life, games, entertainment, animation, technology, and knowledge. We also support a wide range of video content consumption scenarios, focusing on video created by professional users (PUGV), complemented by live streaming, video created by professional organizations (OGV), etc. Our community brings together diverse cultures and various interests that users love, and is the best platform to explore cultural trends and trend phenomena among young people. Video connects people to the world in an intuitive, vivid, and informative way, and has quickly become the primary medium for people to communicate, entertain, and message. We call the trend of combining video with everyday life scenes “videography,” and this trend will form a huge video industry in China. As the video community of choice for the younger generation in China, we believe we can seize the huge opportunities brought by the “video” era. With a vibrant community and high-quality content, we have become the preferred platform for the “Z+ generation” (born in China from 1985 to 2009) to create and consume videos. According to iResearch, the “Z+ Generation” is regarded as the golden generation of the Chinese video industry and a growth driver and trend leader for all types of consumption in China. Building a beautiful community with a strong sense of belonging has always been our top priority. Our community consists of a large number of interest-based subgroups, where passionate users form emotional bonds through shared interests. We've carefully designed a variety of interactive features and enhanced user engagement through the iconic review feature “Barrage.” We have designed a unique formal membership assessment system to enhance users' sense of belonging and loyalty to the community. We believe that our vibrant community, and over a decade of experience in community operations, is one of our strongest competitive strengths. We are committed to meeting the diverse and ever-expanding interests of our users. We attract users with high-quality content, retain users with a vibrant community, and provide the right content to meet their cultural consumption needs. We have achieved a variety of commercial revenue models, mainly including mobile games, value-added services, advertising, e-commerce and other methods. Driven by the “video” trend, and with our deep understanding of highly active users, we believe we will seize the growing consumer demand of the younger generation in China.

Company Profile

Company NameBILIBILI-W
Listing DateMar 29, 2021
Issue Price808.00
Shares Offered25.00M share(s)
FoundedDec 23, 2013
Registered AddressCayman Islands
Chairmanrui chen
Audit InstitutionPricewaterhouseCoopers
Company CategoryOverseas registration of Mainland Individuals control
Registered Office190 Elgin Avenue George Town Grand Cayman KY1-9008 Cayman Islands
Head Office and Principal Place of BusinessRoom 603, 6th floor, Roche Commercial Plaza, 788 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Bilibili Inc is a Chinese company mainly engaged in internet-related business. The company consists of four business segments. The mobile game business division mainly distributes mobile games for third party game developers that can be downloaded and played for free with a Bilibili account. The advertising business division is mainly engaged in advertising display business. The Live Streaming and Value-Added Services (VAS) business unit mainly earns revenue through subscription fees for conference members, the sale of virtual gifts within the live channel, and the sale of paid content and virtual items on its video, audio, and comic platforms. E-commerce and other departments mainly generate revenue from online sales of ACG related products and tickets for offline performances and events.

Company Executives

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  • rui chen
  • Chairman of the Board,CEOs,directors
  • --
  • yi xu
  • President,directors,originators
  • --
  • ni li
  • Chief Operating Officer,Vice Chairman of the Board,directors
  • --
  • JP Gan
  • Independent directors,Chairman of the Nomination Committee,Remuneration Committee Chairman,Audit Committee Members
  • --
  • zhenyu he
  • Independent directors,Chairman of the Audit Committee,Nomination Committee Members,Remuneration Committee Members
  • --
  • feng li
  • Independent directors,Remuneration Committee Members,Nomination Committee Members,Audit Committee Members
  • --
  • guoqi ding
  • Independent directors
  • --
  • xin fan
  • chief financial officer,Authorized Representative
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