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301015 Qingdao Baheal Medical INC.

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About Qingdao Baheal Medical INC. Company

The company (“Baiyang Pharmaceutical” for short, stock code: 301015) was founded in 2005 and is China's leading health brand commercialization platform. Its business areas cover global brand operation, wholesale distribution and retail of high-quality medical and health products. Focusing on the development strategy of “commercial breakthrough, ecological innovation”, Baiyang Pharmaceutical is guided by optimizing the medical scenario. It is developing and upgrading from a health brand commercialization platform to an ecological BigPharma. Through the integration of scientific and technological innovation resources and incubation capabilities, it is building a platform for transforming scientific research achievements, and continuously cultivating healthcare products and services with independent intellectual property rights. The company's main business is to provide comprehensive commercial solutions for pharmaceutical product manufacturers, including providing brand operation, wholesale distribution and retail of pharmaceutical products, especially product marketing and promotion solutions for branded pharmaceutical manufacturers. Main products or business: Operates brands such as DiQiao series, Bite series, Halle series, Takeda series and Roche series, Cornice, Esnona, Newt Schuma, Atricure, Fuzhenghua, Zisheng; distributes pharmaceuticals, Chinese medicine tablets, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, medical consumables, etc.; sells pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, health food, cosmetics, etc. Corporate honors: Top 50 service enterprises in Shandong in 2021, the first batch of Chinese OTC brand clusters, 2021 Pharmaceutical Industry “13th Five-Year Plan” Enterprise Management Award - Outstanding Growing Enterprises, etc.

Company Profile

Short Name-A百洋医药
Company NameQingdao Baheal Medical INC.
Listing Date06/30/2021
Issue Price7.64
Shares Offered52.60M share
Legal RepresentativeGang Fu
General ManagerGang Fu
SecretaryGuoqiang Wang
Accounting FirmLixin Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)
Securities RepresentativeNina Liu
Legal CounselBeijing Tianyuan Law Firm
Office AddressNo. 88 Kaifeng Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong
Zip Code266042
Registered AddressNo. 88 Kaifeng Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong
BusinessLicensed projects: pharmaceutical retail; pharmaceutical wholesale; hazardous chemicals management; class III medical device management; class III medical device leasing; urban distribution and transportation services (excluding dangerous goods); type II value-added telecommunication services; Internet information services; road cargo transportation (excluding dangerous goods). (For projects requiring approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by the relevant departments; specific business projects are subject to the approval documents or licenses of the relevant departments). General Projects: Import and export of goods; Food sales (pre-packaged food only); Internet sales of food (pre-packaged food only); Sales of infant formula and other infant formula; Health food (pre-packaged) sales; Sales of formulated food for special medical purposes; Sales of Class I medical devices; Sales of Class II medical devices; Sporting goods and equipment retail; Cosmetics retail; Household goods and household goods sales; Wholesale of kitchen utensils and household goods; Disinfectant sales (excluding dangerous chemicals); Sales of household appliances; Special equipment repair; Class II medical equipment leasing Low-temperature storage (not included Dangerous chemicals, etc. that require approval); general cargo storage services (excluding hazardous chemicals, etc.); technical services, technology development, technical consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; health consulting services (excluding medical services); marketing planning; information consulting services (excluding licensing information consulting services); non-residential real estate leasing; technology import and export. (With the exception of projects subject to approval by law, independent business activities are carried out on the basis of a business license in accordance with the law)

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Gang Fu
  • Chairman,Director,GM
  • 3.20M
  • Yuan Zhang
  • Director,Deputy GM
  • 2.34M
  • Haishen Chen
  • Director
  • 1.12M
  • Qing Song
  • Director,Audit Committee Member
  • --
  • Guoqiang Wang
  • Director,Company Secretary,Deputy GM,Finance Director
  • 2.29M
  • Xiaowei Zhu
  • Director,Deputy GM
  • 2.34M
  • Mingzhong Fu
  • Independent Director
  • 62.50K
  • Xianjing Hao
  • Independent Director
  • 62.50K
  • Yindi Lu
  • Independent Director
  • 62.50K
  • Nina Liu
  • Securities Affairs Representative
  • --
  • Jun Mou
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor
  • --
  • Xuebiao Li
  • Supervisor
  • 1.21M
  • Biquan Wang
  • Deputy GM
  • 2.21M
  • Tingwei Wang
  • Deputy GM
  • 2.34M
  • Nan Du
  • Employee Representative Supervisor
  • 551.80K