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About 360 Security Technology Inc. Company

The company was founded in 2005 and is an advocate of free Internet security. It has successively launched security products such as 360 Security Guard, 360 Mobile Phone Guard, and 360 Secure Browser. With the deepening of digitalization of the whole society and industry, the “big security” era is accelerating. With the mission of “making the world safer and more beautiful”, 360 is committed to realizing the vision of “continuously creating black technology and being an all-round protector”. The company's business involves various Internet-related fields such as network security, Internet advertising and services, Internet value-added services, and IoT Internet of Things. Main products: 360 Secure Browser, 360 Security Guard, 360 search engine, 360 navigation, 360 wallpaper, 360 game lobby, quick clip, quick information, soda office, etc. The company has won many awards, including the “2020 China Digital Government Leading Enterprise Award”, “2020 China Digital Government Technology Innovation Award”, “2020 China Digital Government Outstanding Service Provider”, and “2020 China Digital Government Excellent Solution Award”; it was awarded the “2021 China Cyber Security Industry Top 50 Competitiveness Title” by the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance; and won the “2020 Outstanding Technical Support Unit”, “Vulnerability Report Special Award” and “Vulnerability Alert Advance Special Award” issued by the National Information Security Vulnerability Library (CNNVD).

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