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About Guolian Company

The company was founded in November 1992, formerly known as Wuxi Securities Company, and changed its name to Guolian Securities Co., Ltd. through restructuring in May 2008, with a registered capital of 2.83 billion yuan. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 6, 2015 (stock code: 01456), and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 31, 2020 (stock code: 601456). The main business is divided into five major segments: brokerage and wealth management business, investment banking business, asset management and investment business, credit trading business, and securities investment business. The five major segments of the capital business. Corporate honors: 2019 Brokerage Asset Management Award with Most Growth Potential, Jiangsu Civilized Unit, Brokerage App Innovation Breakthrough Award, Brokerage App Outstanding Operation Team Award, 2018 China Securities and Futures Poverty Alleviation Contribution Award, etc. As of June 30, 2023, the company has established a total of 100 branches, including 15 branches and 85 sales departments. The branches and sales departments are mainly distributed in Jiangsu Province.

Company Profile

Short Name-A国联证券
Short Name-H国联证券
Company NameGuolian Securities Co.,Ltd.
Listing Date07/31/2020
Issue Price4.25
Shares Offered475.72M share
Listed ExchangeSH Stock Exchange
Legal RepresentativeXiaobo Ge
General ManagerXiaobo Ge
SecretaryJie Wang
Accounting FirmDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)
Securities RepresentativeHui Zhang
Legal CounselGuo Hao Law Firm (Shanghai)
Office AddressNo. 8, Financial 1st Street, Taihu New Town, Wuxi
Zip Code214000
Registered AddressNo. 8, Financial 1st Street, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
Business License320200000009279
BusinessLicensed projects: securities business; securities investment consulting; public securities investment fund sales; bond market business (projects subject to approval by law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments; specific business projects are subject to approval results) General projects: securities financial advisory services; securities companies provide intermediary referral services to futures companies (except for projects subject to approval according to law, independently carry out business activities with a business license in accordance with the law)

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Xiaobo Ge
  • Chairman,Executive Director,GM, CEO,Strategy Committee Member,Risk Management Committee Member
  • 4.56M
  • Weiping Zhou
  • Director,Strategy Committee Member,Risk Management Committee Member
  • --
  • Suo Li
  • Director
  • --
  • Weihua Wu
  • Director,Strategy Committee Member
  • --
  • Hailin Liu
  • Director,Risk Management Committee Member
  • --
  • Weirong Hua
  • Director,Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members,Strategy Committee Member,Risk Management Committee Member
  • --
  • Hehua Zhu
  • Independent Director,Audit Committee Members,Strategy Committee Member
  • 130.00K
  • Xingyu Wu
  • Independent Director,Audit Committee Members,Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members,Risk Management Committee Member
  • 130.00K
  • Jie Wang
  • Company Secretary
  • 1.80M
  • Hui Zhang
  • Securities Affairs Representative
  • --
  • Faliang Xu
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor
  • 1.44M
  • Kan Xu
  • Supervisor
  • --
  • Jingyan Xu
  • Supervisor
  • --
  • Lei Yin
  • VP,Head of finance
  • 496.40K
  • Qin Li
  • Deputy GM, VP
  • 1.62M
  • Qunxing Ma
  • Deputy GM, VP
  • 1.62M
  • Hongwei Yin
  • Deputy GM, VP
  • 2.79M
  • Jiechun Dai
  • Director of Compliance
  • 1.88M
  • Lingyun Wu
  • Employee Representative Supervisor
  • 63.00K
  • Min Zhou
  • Employee Representative Supervisor
  • 51.00K
  • Wei Gao
  • Audit Committee Members,Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members
  • 30.00K
  • Zhiqiang Jiang
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • 1.83M
  • Wei Huang
  • chief information officer
  • --