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603368 Guangxi LiuYao Group

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About Guangxi LiuYao Group Company

The company is a comprehensive pharmaceutical listed enterprise. The company's predecessor was the Liuzhou Pharmaceutical Wholesale Station established in 1953. It was restructured into a private enterprise in 2002, and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2014 (stock abbreviation: Liuyao Group, stock code: 603368). After 70 years of intensive work in the field of medicine and health, the company already has more than 40 companies. The company's revenue reached 19.53 billion yuan in 2022. Currently, it is ranked 16th in the ranking of the top 100 pharmaceutical wholesalers with main business revenue in the country, and has been in the top 50 for many years. At this stage, the company's main business is mainly pharmaceutical wholesale, pharmaceutical retail, and the pharmaceutical industry. The company's pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmaceutical retail business is collectively called “pharmaceutical business”. The business categories include all kinds of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumables, testing reagents, etc. The company has received honors such as the top 100 pharmaceutical commercial enterprises in the national pharmaceutical industry, the top 500 enterprises in the national service industry, the top 100 enterprises in Guangxi, strong and excellent private enterprises in Guangxi, the contract-abiding and credit-worthy publicity enterprises in Guangxi, and the Red Cross Caring Organization.