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688039 Hangzhou Arcvideo Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Hangzhou Arcvideo Technology Co., Ltd. Company

The company was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in December 2019. In the direction of media culture, Danghong Technology, as a member of the China Digital Audio and Video Coding and Decoding Technical Standards Working Group, participates in the formulation of each generation of video coding standards, and is the core supplier of 4K/8K ultra-high-definition real-time encoders in China. The company deeply supports the launch of China Central Radio and Television's CCTV-8K Ultra HD Channel and Olympic Channel (CCTV-16). 8K codec products have been successfully implemented in major events such as the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Beijing Winter Olympics, and Shaanxi National Games. At the same time, the company cooperated with platforms such as Migu and Tencent Video to jointly build 5G+8K live streaming and 4K IP platforms. In addition, it is also participating in benchmark projects for ultra-high-definition video industrial parks such as Huaguo Mountain and Malanshan. The company continues to be deeply involved in the field of big video, focusing on the development and application of intelligent video technology. During the reporting period, opportunities and challenges coexisted. The company actively grasped market opportunities, attached importance to product technology innovation, and continued to build ultra-high-definition, intelligent, micro-service, metaverse, and localized video applications and solutions. Main products: live video broadcast products, interactive operation products, content production products, pan-safety products, vehicle cockpit software products. Corporate honors include: member unit of China Unicom 5G Application Innovation Alliance, governing unit of Zhejiang 5G Industry Alliance, high-tech enterprise certificate, Zhejiang Danghong Intelligent Video Research Institute, etc.