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000661 Changchun High-Tech Industries

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About Changchun High-Tech Industries Company

The company was founded exclusively by Changchun High-tech Industry Development Corporation, with a total share capital of 137.5 million shares. In the more than 20 years since the company was listed, Changchun Hi-Tech has successfully transformed from when the company was founded, focusing on infrastructure construction in the high-tech zone, to become an enterprise group focusing on the field of pharmaceutical science and technology innovation and implementing industrial investment. The company's main business is R&D, production and sales of biopharmaceuticals and proprietary Chinese medicines, as well as real estate development, property management and services. The main products are growth hormone series products, follicle-stimulating hormones, nutritional supplements for children; live attenuated chickenpox vaccine, live attenuated vaccine for shingles; live attenuated vaccine for shingles; silver flower anti-inflammatory tablets, thromboventricular tablets, stomach cleansing and pain relief pellets, etc.; Gaoxin Yizhong Famous City, Gaoxin Heyuan, Gaoxin Huiyuan, Gaoxin Junyuan, Gaoxin Rongyuan, etc. The company received the most respected listed company for investment in 2017, academician and expert workstation certification, honors such as famous brand products in Jilin Province in 2012, and the top 100 enterprises in China's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Company Profile

Short Name-A长春高新
Company NameChangchun High & New Technology Industries (Group) Inc.
Listing DateDec 18, 1996
Issue Price8.80
Shares Offered19.00M share(s)
FoundedJun 10, 1993
Listed ExchangeSZ Stock Exchange
Legal Representativeji ma
General Manageryuntao jiang
Secretarydeshen zhang
Accounting FirmDahua Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership)
Securities Representativesilijilihongyu liu
Legal CounselBeijing Dacheng (Changchun) Law Firm
Office Address27th Floor, Block B, Gaoxin Hairong Plaza, Changchun City, Jilin Province (where Zhenyu Street intersects with East Ulsan Road)
Zip Code130012
Registered AddressRoom 2708, Block B, Hairong Hotel and Haiyin Plaza, High-tech Zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province
Business License220107010000675
BusinessDevelopment, production, sales and service infrastructure development and construction of high-tech products; property management; transfer of high-tech achievements and brokerage services; commercial supply and marketing (except for goods with special restrictions on operation by the country); restaurants, entertainment, and hotels (permission required for operation); training, new drug development, technology transfer, consulting services; centralized heating; industrial investment (pharmaceutical industry) (the above items are limited to licensed operations for branches and subsidiaries). Greening landscape engineering design, construction and maintenance, enterprise marketing planning, advertising planning, socio-economic information consulting, real estate brokerage services, housing sales agents (only licensed branch operations); enterprise management consulting (prohibited by the laws and regulations of the above countries; projects subject to special approval must not be operated until approved)

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • ji ma
  • Chairman,directors
  • 1.27M
  • peng ye
  • directors,Executive Deputy General Manager
  • 972.00K
  • yuntao jiang
  • directors,general manager
  • 1.09M
  • yuzhi zhang
  • directors
  • 72.00K
  • zhigang wang
  • directors,Deputy General Manager
  • 792.00K
  • xianchao zhu
  • directors
  • 72.00K
  • weiming zhang
  • Independent directors
  • 144.00K
  • chunying zhang
  • Independent directors
  • 144.00K
  • chunhao li
  • Independent directors
  • 144.00K
  • deshen zhang
  • Board Secretary
  • 720.00K
  • si liu
  • Securities affairs representative
  • --
  • ji li
  • Securities affairs representative
  • --
  • hongyu li
  • Securities affairs representative
  • --
  • bing jie
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board,auditors
  • 936.00K
  • yongchuan liu
  • auditors
  • 604.80K
  • xinggong zhu
  • Deputy General Manager,Chief Financial Officer
  • 720.00K
  • xiufeng li
  • Deputy General Manager
  • 720.00K
  • shu li
  • Employee supervisors
  • 497.80K


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