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300502 Eoptolink Technology Inc.,

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About Eoptolink Technology Inc., Company

The company, formerly known as Chengdu Xinyisheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd., was founded on April 15, 2008. After review and approval by the Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce, the company obtained a corporate legal person's business license. The company's original registered capital was RMB 10 million. The company's business mainly covers a full range of optical modules for optical communication applications, and the company has always been committed to the R&D, production and sales of high-performance optical modules. Main products: QSFP-DD800G single wave 200G, OSFP800G single wave 200G, QSFP-DD800G single wave 100G, OSFP800G single wave 100G, QSFP112400G, etc. The company's honors include National High-tech Enterprise and Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center.