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002354 Tianyu Digital Technology

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About Tianyu Digital Technology Company

The company is a digital technology company whose main business is e-sports games and data traffic. Using digital technology as the cornerstone, digital park as the carrier, and digital marketing as the entry point, the company combines “data element ×” with “artificial intelligence +” to form a complete “aggregation - circulation - application” link of data elements. Using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence models and metaverse, the company has built digital platforms such as “MetaSurfing-Yuanxiang Intelligent Cloud Platform” and “Rubik's Cube Mix Intelligent Marketing Cloud Platform”. It strives to provide basic capabilities for “model deployment - data analysis - computing power scheduling” for multiple vertical fields., accurate Marketing-oriented digital and intelligent services promote digital transformation and intelligent upgrading in industry, retail, finance, entertainment and other industries. Corporate honors include “2017 Top 10 New Momentum for Listed Companies in China”, “2017 China's Leading Brands for Overseas Outbound Marketing”, and “2017 China's Top 10 Overseas Expansion Game Companies”. The company was awarded the Tencent “Exploration Project” 2023 Innovative Application Technology Award.

Company Profile

Short Name-A天娱数科
Company NameTianyu Digital Technology (Dalian) Group Co.,Ltd.
Listing DateFeb 9, 2010
Issue Price12.33
Shares Offered23.50M share(s)
FoundedAug 29, 2003
Listed ExchangeSZ Stock Exchange
Legal Representativehandai he
General Managerhandai he
Secretarydi liu
Accounting FirmBeijing Dahua International Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership)
Securities Representativemeng yang
Legal CounselBeijing Kyoto (Dalian) Law Firm
Office Address16th Floor, Tower T4, Delta Center, 7 Qingnian Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Zip Code100123
Registered AddressUnit 905, No. 31 Zhifu Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Business License210200400045718
BusinessLicensed projects: Internet information services (projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments; specific business projects are subject to approval results) General projects: entertainment exhibitions, software development, information technology consulting services, technical services, technology development, technical consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion, information system integration services, network technology services (except for projects subject to approval according to law, independent business activities carried out with a business license in accordance with law)

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • dewei xu
  • Chairman, Directors, General Manager, Strategy Committee Members
  • 1.41M
  • yuping liu
  • Directors, Deputy General Manager, Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members
  • 1.28M
  • han he
  • Directors, Deputy General Manager, Acting General Manager
  • 1.01M
  • zhao zhao
  • Directors, Audit Committee Members, Nomination Committee Members
  • --
  • hongxia liu
  • Independent Directors, Audit Committee Members, Nomination Committee Members
  • 120.00K
  • ming xu
  • Independent Directors, Strategy Committee Members
  • 120.00K
  • ziyang wang
  • Independent Directors, Nomination Committee Members, Strategy Committee Members, Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members
  • 120.00K
  • xiaoliang huang
  • Independent Directors, Audit Committee Members, Remuneration and Assessment Committee Members
  • 120.00K
  • di liu
  • Board Secretary
  • 555.10K
  • meng yang
  • Securities Affairs Representative
  • --
  • jiaze yang
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Employee Supervisors
  • 196.20K
  • shan cao
  • Auditors
  • --
  • yanfeng zhu
  • Auditors
  • 475.10K
  • guanpo liu
  • Deputy General Manager
  • 1.01M
  • hongfeng zhang
  • Deputy General Manager
  • 1.01M
  • yanfei li
  • Deputy General Manager
  • 1.01M
  • yi huang
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • 1.08M
  • xinhui zhang
  • Head of Audit Department
  • --
  • zhu shang
  • Executive Director
  • 605.10K


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