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300548 Broadex Technologies

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About Broadex Technologies Company

Since its establishment in 2003, the company has insisted on following the path of optoelectronic integration and device modularization, integration and miniaturization, focusing on large-scale application of integrated optoelectronic devices to provide high-quality key optoelectronic devices for telecommunications and data communication networks. Through continuous technology accumulation, the company has a number of independently developed core technologies and has established four major technology platforms for planar optical waveguide (PLC), low-light electromechanical (MEMS), silicon photon, and high-speed active module packaging. The main business is R&D, production and sales of integrated optoelectronic devices in the field of optical communication. The company's main products target telecommunications and data communication markets. Products used in the telecom market include PLC optical splitters and optical fiber access network (PON) optical transceiver modules for fiber-to-home networks, array waveguide light grids (AWGs) for backbone and metropolitan area network dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) systems, and dimmable power wave division multiplexers (VMUX) for front/back transmission optical transceivers for wireless carrier networks, MEMS dimmable optical attenuators for optical power attenuation, and optical fiber arrays widely used in various optical devices. Products used in the data communication market include internal interconnections for data centers 252525 G to 400Gbps optical transceiver modules, active optical cables (AOC), high-speed copper cables (DAC, ACC), etc. Corporate honors: Top 10 most competitive enterprises in optical devices and auxiliary equipment in China, top ten enterprises with high-quality industrial economic development in 2021, industry star enterprises, etc.